Tariffs Effect on the US Import Trade

Tariffs are a tax placed by the government on imports. They raise the price for consumers, lead to a decline in imports, and can lead to retaliation by other countries.

Tariffs are an important barrier to free trade; they are often imposed to protect domestic industry from cheap imports. However, it often leads to retaliation with other countries placing tariffs on their exports.


Essay question:

Fictional U.S. president Ditmar Q. Drumpf is considering applying large tariffs to China, a country they view as having acted unfairly in the course of international trade. Against the backdrop of 21st century global capitalism, critically evaluate the potential effects of such actions.

Your essay must conform to the following criteria:

Times New Roman font
A maximum of 3,000 words. This does not include your list of references.

While you have some leeway to interpret your chosen question as you see fit, make sure your approach engages with core course material.
Theory is especially important.

Write as if your intended reader was a generally intelligent and informed non-expert. Do not assume key ideas; instead, explain them clearly from first principles. If they are crucial, be sure to go in sufficient depth.
Follow appropriate referencing and bibliography. In seeking sources, a useful starting point would be the reading lists provided for this course. A logical next step for deepening your knowledge would be the bibliographies of those works.
The use of a wide variety of relevant academic is vital.
There is no magic ‘right’ number of sources, and quality is preferred over quantity.
Essay structure matters. Make sure your introduction indicates your thesis. Furthermore, have a plan, make it explicit to the reader, and follow it.

·         Having a well-articulated thesis statement in your introduction will help to structure your argument and provide a roadmap to the reader.

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