Public schooling in America: Student dropout rates

In the public schooling in America has come under criticism in America by many who say it is responsible for skyrocketing student dropout rate. To start with, the longitudinal cohort dropout rate in Texas exceeds 30 percent and this is similar to that found in other states. In light of the above, trends are worrying and have informed several studies. More information

Public schooling in America

Some have suggested that one cause of dropout behavior is a moral decline of the country. Morever, Houston Independent State District could have a new general superintendent within the next couple of years. Imagine that you have been assigned to help develop a program to mitigate student dropout rates. Additionally, assume the mitigation needs deeper understanding and inquiry of the public schooling in America and the correlation that exist.

How to measure the dropout rates

Several unanswered questions exist. First, How would you measure the student dropout rates in relation to public schooling in America? Secondly, What factors would you consider as causes of dropout behavior? Additionally, What policies would you put into place to reduce the dropout rate? Finally, Would character or moral education be included in your proposal? For full paper with explanations order here

Dropout rates by race and ethnicity

Public schooling in America saw the dropout rate vary by race and ethnicity in 2017. Additionally, American Indian/Alaska Native youth had the highest status dropout rate (10.1 percent) of all racial/ethnic groups, including youth who were Hispanic (8.2 percent), Black (6.5 percent), of Two or more races (4.5 percent), White (4.3 percent), Pacific Islander (3.9 percent), and Asian (2.1 percent). In addition, Hispanic and Black youth had higher status dropout rates than youth of Two or more races and White, Pacific Islander, and Asian youth. In contrast, Asian youth had the lowest status dropout rate of all racial/ethnic groups except for Pacific Islander youth, whose status dropout rate was not measurably different from the rate for Asian youth. Public schooling in America saw the dropout rate vary by race and ethnicity in 2017

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