Policy Analysis Framework Paper

Define Context of the Policy Issue/ Problem: Briefly describe the political context for the issue under examination. Include the socio-political, economic, ethical, historical, cultural factors relevant to the issue.  This step is also crucial in forming the basis for the policy analysis. Include the 5Ws and H (who, what, when, where, why, and how) aspects of the issue. Provide a specific practice-based concern or public health issue of concern at State or National level.

Policy Analysis  Lenses


Briefly discuss how your personal values, beliefs, experiences, ethics, political philosophies, and ideologies guide your views about the issue.

Further, describe a specific policy framework/model of choice that applies to your issue

Evidence-Based Policy Change: Discuss research and evidence-based policy change strategies and options to address the issue. Using a balanced approach discuss at least two alternative policy responses for consideration Examine the “best practices” of other agencies, as well as emerging policy proposals.

Using a policy analysis network (presented with a variety of visual aids) to combine into a meaningful whole all dimensions of an issue revealed by a policy analysis, and to identify main interconnections with other issues and systems.

You may also apply the selected model/framework and analyze the political feasibility of solving the issue using the selected framework. What are the key concepts in the model/framework? How does your policy issue fit within this framework? What are the barriers and facilitators in addressing the issue? How can you advance this issue on the policy agenda? Who holds the power to advance this issue? Additionally, what networks and coalitions exist that are involved in this issue

Recommendations: Of the two policy alternatives you presented, end your policy analysis with a summary of the preferred policy option. Justify why this option is preferred.  In conclusion, with a discussion of the implications for nursing leadership policy and practice.

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