Performance Appraisal: Analysis of Non-Profit Agency

The general objective of the study was to determine the effect of performance appraisal on employee motivation using a survey of a Non-Profit Government Agency in Tennessee.


Analysis of a non-Profit Agency

I work for a local government department. The executive leadership change from a ranking appraisal system to a smart goal appraisal system. This was done because one recognized the ranking system didn’t’ allow employees to share, or participate in the appraisal process without hesitation. The smart goals allow employees to be involved in the process.

The executive director and I would like to know if employees also see a difference in the ranking to smart goal performance appraisal.
I hold a leadership role and found employees don’t value the performance appraisal process. They see it as a process that applies more to eliminating folks rather than providing professional development.

When I apply the appraisal I often ask if they know what the performance appraisal is. Additionally, do they see it as being a tool to identify, improve and enhance their job? The majority of the respondents say they have no clear understanding to what it was, purpose and didn’t see it as an enhancement.

Performance Appraisal Specific Questions for Study:

1.       What are the perceptions of leadership and support staff regarding their understanding of the evaluation process?
2.      What are the perception of leadership and support staff regarding the overall quality of the performance appraisals?
3.      Furthermore, what is the perception of leadership and support staff regarding the Smart Goal appraisal process?
4.      What are the perceptions of employees regarding performance appraisal positioning them for development and growth in their job?
5.      Do employees of organizations also value the appraisal process?
6.      Lastly, is there a difference between leaders and staff perception of the appraisal?

Additional Files

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