Natural disaster: natural disaster planning & response

Carry out a natural disaster assessment. This is not a rundown on the hazardous event but a critical evaluation  of a natural disaster of your choice, based on given guidelines. For example the elements of disaster risk (i.e. exposure, vulnerability, and hazard). Additionally, considerations that apply to your choice of natural disaster planning and response should include the following

  • Climate change
  • Environmental degradation
  • Political Marginalization
  • Age, class, gender
  • Poorly planned development (Infrastructure)
  • Weak governance
  • Globalization- market failures
  • What disaster you chose-


Disaster planning & response

Why is it interesting, and also why appropriate for the focus of this class as we learn about natural disaster planning & response. (This is a revised version of the 40 pt proposal you submitted, and should in particular include how you will discuss what turned the event into a disaster) ·

Hazards, Exposure, Vulnerabilities: natural disaster

What were the circumstances that turned this hazard into a disaster? (describe Hazards, Exposure, Vulnerabilities too) ·

Effects of the disaster

Provide a comparison of disasters: examine how people fared in the disaster you assess. In addition compare and contrast experiences to what happened to people in the disasters we have discussed in class. Were people aware of the dangers and where to evacuate, or how to navigate the hazards?

Shortcomings to the natural disaster response

Disaster responses: what were the response shortcomings when disaster occurred, who helped? Further  what additional problems resulted from the initial event? Is disaster recovery still underway? Moreover, has there been any effort to plan/lessen impacts from this kind of disaster?

 Lessons learnt from the disaster

Conclusions: final section should be a discussion of your own ideas about what we can learn from the history of the disaster and the disasters we have studied in class. Also note information for people who are concerned about remaining safe and keeping their communities & families safe if a similar event happens in the future.

References for natural disaster planning and response.

Please format references according to the style guide!! Many sources of information are available. Do not rely solely on Google, Encyclopedia Britannica, or Wikipedia.  (10 points) ·       Write in your OWN WORDS, and cite where the information came from. Here are examples of referencing the sources you use: o   According to a Kenward et al. (2016) the number of wildland fires has increased due to climate change. o   Fires have increased with climate change (Kenward et al. 2016).

Additional Files

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