Mobile application for a Car-sharing Company

The project focuses on designing a mobile application that will be used in a car-sharing Company. This project will be a practical task involving the execution of software development activities involving requirements collection and analysis, design and development, implementation, and maintenance.

Justification for Developing the Mobile Application

Mobile smartphone applications’ utilization offers better performance and new possibilities. They also offer critical functional features such as getting feedback are readily available and accessible. The car-sharing business model is rapidly growing with the adoption of technologies such as mobile applications and websites that automate customer relationships and provide a simple, easy-to-use user interface that supports self-service (Perboli et al., 2018).

Unlike websites, mobile applications do not require third-party software. This is because they are easily installed in the smartphone and avail all the functions. Therefore, the development of a mobile application for the car-sharing company(that use websites for its service) will be a significant milestone towards improving its business model and customer experience. The company itself, managers, and customers will benefit from the new app. Besides, this project’s specific purpose is to address the current challenges of poor user experience and incompatibility of the website used by the car-sharing company and introduce an innovative solution.

Background of the Topic

The Car-sharing company has been using a website to manage and offer customer services for its car-sharing business. However, the customers face challenges such as the inability to navigate through all the features (as the website is non-responsive), poor user experience since some browsers do not effectively render all the functional components. These challenges limit the company’s competitiveness. Especially in the modern market where the car-sharing business model is evolving and widely adopted. Additionally, the digital technologies operator groups and customers.

Mobile applications are the most innovative solutions. This is because they are easily accessible by all stakeholders using smartphones. The Car-sharing company hopes to increase its customer base. Furthermore, they aim to provide more interactive features to enable customers to access and rent cars quickly. They will also acquire an efficient management system for its car-sharing business. This project is interest to me because it entails the implementation of an innovative solution that can be adopted or purchased by a car-sharing or renting company.

By the end of this project, the following will be the outcomes.

I.            A mobile application. This will be a software that can be installed in a smartphone device and test the functional features of car sharing. This outcome will also include the program codes, executables, and supporting files.
II.            User manual. A document that the company will use to train its employees on how to execute the functional and non-functional requirement features.

Additional Files

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