Leadership in Project Reflection

A leader should be a role model and this comes about when one is able to be respectful, loving to people, successful, and be able to conquer difficult issues. In addition to that, another role of a leader is a motivator and inspirer in that he or she motivates the members or workers so as to get good results. A leader needs to be a team player in that he knows when to take the lead and when not to. Furthermore, a leader must be a listener in that listens to his members’ opinion and not dictate but respect and listen to members opinions. Other roles include a coach, visionary, and many others.

This project comprises various learning issues. One of the things that I learnt was about group communication. In every group project, there must be good communication so as to produce effective and successful work. In group communication, there must be the use of good communication skills. The group members should have etiquette in communication in that no one should interfere when another person is talking, each and every view of a member should be considered and respected. Group communication also facilitates coordination, managing of conflicts, building rapport, enables accomplishment of work, and making decisions among the members.


Leadership Project assessment

This assessment is broken into 2 parts – Group Work & Individual Reflection – both worth 50% of the final mark
As discussions progress, you will contribute to an evolving textual summary of the group discussions.

Instructor question: Individually, each student will then submit his or her own reflection to the uni

Students will submit the summary of the group discussions plus their own reflection on the group process.


Lessons about group communication from the project?
What was your role in the group?
What did you learn about your own inter-relational styles during the project?
Did you identify your own use of transformational leadership skills as you acted as a change agent? If not, what will you do to develop these skills?
Discuss these findings with support from current literature on group communication please make headlines use the marking criteria provided its the first part of the folder name leadership project reflection

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