Cultivation theory: Brazilian Butt Lifts Surgeries

Utilizing the Cultivation Theory to explain the growth of Brazilian Butt Lifts Surgeries in The U.S.

Concept of cultivation theory

The First Section should title – Literature Review that defines and explains the Cultivation Theory. According to the  cultivation theory, people who watch television frequently are more likely to be influenced. That is, influence by the messages from the world of television. The influence is to an extent that it changes their view and perceptions.  After reflecting what they repeatedly see and hear on television.  Therefore, television perception contributes independently to the way people perceive social reality.

How cultivation theory have lead to BBL surgeries in the U.S

The second section of a paper aimed to describe a text and tell how this text shows that the cultivation theory does infact lead to an increase BBL surgeries in the U.S. The text may be a popular instagram influencer account that has got a BBL done, or/and a movie that perpetuates that a “bigger butt is better.

Effects of Brazilian Butt Lifts Surgeries

You may however concisely state what a BBL is and the effect it creates. Also, state an argument, for example ‘I believe that changing what is considered beautiful, may impact women creating low self esteems and that only a particular shape is beautiful.’Further, expound on the argument provided. You may also involve the negatives associated with Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeries. Lastly, Is a conclusion- provide a conclusion by restating the thesis and stating a call to action for future research. Also please provide a work cited page for the cultivation theory. There is a paper attached as an example of what is expected in the CONTEXT and LITERATURE REVIEW SECTION.

Additional Files

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