Cryptocurrency: Individual Fraud Investigation

As a newly trained cryptocurrency investigator, you are working in the fraud investigation department of a regulated financial institution.  Your manager has set you a task to evaluate the report of a cryptocurrency scam, where several clients were targeted and directed to pay criminals.  Based on your skill to investigate and produce a report for this task, your manager will decide whether you can work unsupervised on future cases.

Your manager has provided you with the bitcoin address (below) that was also reported by clients as being involved in the scam.  He has asked you to look at additional information posted on the public Bitcoin Abuse Database, which can be accessed via

Cryptocurrency task

1. Firstly, investigate the address and findings related to it
2. Produce a timeline of events
3. Gather intelligence on the address
4. Produce an internal report for the fraud department on the type of scam this is and what to do if another similar scam arises
5. You should also identify the next steps that should be taken
Due to the lack of knowledge on cryptocurrencies in the department your manager has requested that your report should provide some explanation how bitcoin links to financial crime.

This coursework will assess all learning outcomes.


1. Critically examine various digital evidence collection. Additionally, seizure procedures and assess their efficacy in the context of constantly changing digital technologies. Furthermore, examine the standard procedures for launching a digital forensic investigation and articulate the possible limitations in the context of constantly changing technologies.
2. Further, demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the use of investigative guidelines and evidence management strategies in digital investigations.


1. Manage evidence and maintain a comprehensive audit trail for the production of reports as well as statements that you may be use in a court of law.
2. Lastly, use appropriate techniques and valid procedures to carry out digital forensic investigations on current and emerging technologies.

Additional Files

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