Consumer product : Marketing communication messages

Determine a consumer product/or service (not an industrial/B2B product) brand whose marketing communications messages are available on the Internet (e.g. in YouTube). The product/brand should a single product/brand not a product line. The product should not be specific to one country alone. The product needs to be known by all students that each of the members consumer or have the potential consume the product.

Consumer product or service Analyzation

By analysing this product’s:

i) Marketing communications messages

(superficially its advertisements/commercials, and other communications messages – e.g. public relations, sales promotions and personal selling)


ii) Product elements (of the marketing mix)

Over the years (in terms of the changes have been made) in the light of the following topics covered in class, you are expected to prepare a project evaluating, critiquing the product’s marketing communications and product strategies.

Evaluation of concepts, topics and theories of Consumer product or service

During the evaluation the strategies need to be linked to the concepts, topics and theories covered in the course. In addition, there is need to be explain in terms of what, how and why.
The following are the scope of topics :

Perception, risk and control

Learning and memory

Needs, motivation and involvement

Concepts, topics and theories of Consumer product or service

The explanations, evaluations, discussions, critiques and the recommendations need to be linked clearly. That is, to as many as possible concepts, topics and theories. The establishment of relationships between the topics, concepts and theories should show a significant level of understanding and cross-understanding of the topics, concepts and theories.
The students  requirement also recommend to use recent empirical evidence of Consumer product or service from respectable journal articles to enrich their explanations and evaluations. The references used in the project should listed in the references section at the end of the project. The references are not included in the word count.

Developments in business environment

This mid-term project constitutes 50% of the marks available for this course.
In parallel with the developments in business environment such as the the sharp increase in on-line interaction among group/team members, this coursework requires group work, as well as individual evaluation. As the project has an individual element it needs to be uploaded in the ITS Learning system. Each student individually must after the adding of the individual element in the last page of the project. The projects need to be uploaded individually in the system before the deadline ends. The submission of a project by the other members of the group is not sufficient. Failure to submit before the deadline will attract “0” zero marks.  The system does not allow late submissions to be made.

Project requirements

The cover page of the project should list all the group members’ names . The student individually submitting the coursework needs to highlight her/his name on the list.
The ideal size of a group is between 3 and 4 students.
Master’s level projects require substantial time of collective study and effort. Hence, students should to form their groups early (in the first week or so) and report the names of the group members to the lecturer. Considering the time given and the fact that they are master’s level projects students should submit  high quality and professional level projects. That is, in terms of format, content, references, scope and depth.

Project process

Individual Section – 300 words (7/50 points)
1         Please explain the contribution of this project and the process to you personally.

2         Please explain the project process briefly. In addition, specify each group member’s contribution to the project in terms of time and effort.

3         Consider your personal characteristics as a consumer.  Further, explain and discuss how the changes the brand has gone through over the years appeal  to you. Why?

Please see the marking scheme.

Additional Files

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