Cognitive psychology: Skills required in PsychoPy script


Cognitive psychology,  PsychoPy script, trial files and stimuli will be posted on blackboard in the assessment folder. Download all the files. Your task will be to run the experiment on yourself, calculate your mean response times for each condition, and write a 2000 words report about the experiment. Using the cognitive psychology  script to find the relevant information, your report will include a short abstract , introduction of the topic  the methodology of the task (600 words to include design, material and procedure) a result section (200 words including data collation) and discussion (400 words) with references (not included in the word count). Word counts for each section are suggested only.


Cognitive psychology appendix

In appendix, you will have to include a screen shot of the original data file showing your p-number and date-stamp (see Figure 1), and a final screen shot showing your calculated means (see Figure 2).

Skills required in PsychoPy script

The following skills will be assessed in this assignment:

  1. Downloading and saving PsychoPy script, trial files and stimuli
  2. Running an experiment in PsychoPy
  3. Keeping original (raw) data file untouched
  4. Calculating the means for each condition (which could include additional steps, for example, sorting, removing incorrect trials, using sub-total function, etc) in each block.
  5. Saving edited data file under a new name
  6. Finding a range of methodological details from a PsychoPy script (procedure, number of trials, type of trials, response buttons, feedback, practice trials, etc)
  7. Writing a concise but complete report with references.


Cognitive psychology Abstract

States aims, what was done, what was found and also interpretation of findings clearly and concisely.


Introduction to cognitive Psychology

Introduces the research topic clearly and concisely. Include a good range of relevant sources. Further, demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic. Includes an excellent rationale for the study and states hypothesis very well.



Design: Clearly and concisely explains the design of the experiment particularly with independent and dependent variables.

Materials: Clearly and concisely explains the material used in the study  with examples.

Procedure: Explains in detail the procedure for the experiment. Provides enough information to allow for a replication of the study.



Explains  the results (what steps  in excel) with references to the appropriate screen shots in Appendices. Further, clearly state the results for each condition (means and standard deviations) in each block.



Summarizes the aim of the experiment and the results. Explains what would need to discuss to be able to conclude anything from the experiment. Explains the implications of the findings if similar results were found in a bigger sample. Further, links this study to relevant theories and/or previous studies. Moreover, Suggest changes to the experiment to improve or alter this study in the future.



Entirely appropriate standard of references in text . Additionally, reference list should be complete and correctly formatted.



10%  Screen shot of the raw data file showing your p-number, the date stamp and  also the file name.

10%  Screen shot of the edited data file showing your p-number, your final means for each condition in each block as well as the new file name.





Additional Files

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