Business Idea: Analysis of a Proposed Idea

Sample Business Idea

The proposed business idea is a start-up that will deal with design and sell branded cards. Considering the social distancing rules, the business will be an online business in the short run. However, the business will run both the online business and physical operations concurrently once the pandemic has been contained and the social distancing rules relaxed.

The core business of the proposed business is to design cards for different occasions. The online business will entail the design of customizable cards.  This will enable users to brand their cards online to suit their theme colours and purposes for different occasions. The customizable cards will allow the target consumers to script messages suitable to them to befit the needs of the cards’ receivers. The online platform on which target consumers will customize the cards will allow them to download and print the customized cards upon paying the prescribed fees. The platform will also give the consumers an option of sending the cards digitally to the intended card receivers via email, social media pages or even WhatsApp groups. The business will be based in the United Kingdom in the short run. However, ultimately the business will venture into the global market, especially with its online segment.

Situational Analysis of the Idea


Convenience is one of the factors that will enhance the performance of the proposed business. Notably, target consumers will be able to access the digitally customizable cards at the comfort of their homes/offices or even on their phones while on travel. They can also send them to their loved ones without having to walk to the physical stores for purchasing cards. They will also not have to make physical deliveries. Hence, the proposed business model is convenient to the target consumers considering this era of social distancing.

Flexibility is also another factor that will be a competitive priority for the proposed business. Notably, the digitally customizable cards will give the target consumers the flexibility of customizable cards to suit their specific needs. Further, demographic factors such as age, gender, or even cultural orientation. Since consumers’ needs are diverse, giving the consumers the flexibility of adjusting their cards to suit their specific needs will give the proposed business a competitive edge.

Part 1:Report

Prepare a report for potential investors to justify their involvement in a project, new idea, business start-up, or another form of investment.  This should follow the format of a business plan. The report should make clear why they should consider investing in your idea. You should use module concepts and models to convince them of the viability and attractiveness of your proposal. You should justify the returns expected with the use of at least two financial techniques.

Part 2:

You are also required to prepare and submit a set of suitable PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentation slides that would be appropriate to support a "pitch" to your potential investors promoting your idea. You must submit the slides as an appendix to your Business Plan and should not be more than five slides long.

Part 3:

In retrospect and based on your analysis in Part (1) Critique your business idea.  (Using module models and concepts), this could include, risks Weaknesses Whether you should proceed, defer or abandon your idea Limitations of models and concepts you have used. Your final report should be between 1,500 – 2,000 words. module ebook : The Definitive Business Plan Edition: 3rd Author(s): Stutely, R. Date of Publication: 2012. Publisher: Pearson Place of Publication: Harlow. Please use 4 more references but not from books. Online articles are preferred with links included.

Additional Files

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