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Current issues in the testing and assessment of young children

Review 2 recent journal articles on a topic related to current issues in the testing and assessment of young children. The articles should be published within the last 5 years. 6-8 pages including cover and abstract page. Write a summary report, provide a heading/title. Begin with an introduction that lets the readers know what you will say. Summarize the main points include an evaluation. What are some of the positive and negative points.

What specific points are most convincing and what specific points were not convincing. What persona experiences have you had relate to this subject. What does the authors perspective compare to yours. Conclusion discuss similarities, differences and interconnectedness among the articles reviewed in light of the current issues in the testing and assessment of young children with and without disabilities.

Operations and Project Management

Changing Organizational Priorities that change scope of projects Change Management impact on Projects and/or Change management impact on operations management Lack of accountability on project requirements Unrealistic deadlines for project completion Relationship of project to strategy of the business Guidelines: Relate your paper to a specific project or initiative (this can be a past or future project at your organization, a past project from another company or a future project you wish to undertake). In review of all of the aspects of Project Management what one area do you believe will be your biggest challenge? Explain for the project chosen, explain, analyze, synthesize, and summarize the impact that the application of operations management will have. Provide examples of specific projects or operations failures for the chosen company, and relate how this conforms or deviates from effective project management standards/theory. Research Paper will be in APA format Research papers will be 10-12 pages in content length (not including cover and reference page) Research paper will have a minimum of 10 quality peer-reviewed references

Should abortion be allowed… In the third trimester… Or at all in that matter

Locate a debate on a topic that interests you, possibly one of the topics you wrote about on the first day of class, and do an analysis of the argument structure on both sides. Look for the “should or should not” question and isolate individual arguments/reasons, giving their type, strength, truth and counter. How does one side respond to the argumentative moves of the other side? How do the two sides inter mesh their arguments?

As this is a Critical Analysis, you should not take sides, but analyze the debate holistically, from a bird’s eye view

Nevertheless, if you consistently find that one side is scoring more points, it may become apparent which side you would favor, and this is fine, as long as you don’t become an advocate for that side.

Grades will be given for the level of detail in your analysis of individual arguments/reasons, and your observant analysis of the maneuvers that each side takes to persuade the audience. Include the debate in your Works Cited, and time-stamp each quote or reference that you quoted

Avoid being bias and always have a birds eye view, Make sure the work cited page is 100%, please include the YouTube video that you used, and finally I need this critical analysis essay to be between 1000-1250 words, up to 50 more is okay, but not recommended.

Hazardous Materials Management


A research lab uses acetone (CAS registry # 67-64-1) as a solvent for cleaning glassware. The spent solvent is consolidated into containers for disposal. Use a decision chart to determine if this disposal is subject to Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C regulations. Explain how you reached your decision. You may assume that acetone has not been delisted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Your response should be at least 75 words in length.


Explain the major differences between a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG) and a Small-Quantity Generator (SQG). What are some of the possible problems when classifying your organization as a CESQG? Your response should be at least 75 words in length.


Explain the relationships between the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA), and the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). Why do you think there are so many different laws governing hazardous materials and hazardous waste? Your response should be at least 200 words in length.


What are universal wastes? Provide several examples. Explain the requirements for Small Quantity Handlers and Large Quantity Handlers of universal waste. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

Perpetua’s Journey Essay

Write a reaction paper on the book: Perpetua’s Journey, where you answer this question: What does Perpetua’s life tell us about the role of religion in ancient Rome, and how can her story help us to appreciate the role religion plays in society today? The essay should provide a brief summary of the book’s contents (i.e. no more than 1 – 2 short paragraphs), bu the majority of it should be dedicated to critical self-reflection upon the text. the paper must have a thesis, be clearly focused, well-organized, and persuasively argued in good English grammar style.

How do feminist critiques of international relations help us understand world politics

Expectation and Rubric: Your paper should contain a clear thesis statement that articulates the argument of the paper. There should be a clear structure to organize the paper. Critical analysis and reflection using evidence from at least 5 academic sources (journal articles, books, etc.) is required. To buttress your argument, you should endeavor to acknowledge and respond to potential counterarguments. Your essay should be well written in plain and understandable language, taking into consideration sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, consistent citation style, and spelling errors.

How to look at television

Choose a television series with which you are familiar. It may be a current show or an old one, and any genre is fine, as long as you know the show well. Now write a 4-5 page critique of your chosen show specifically using the main arguments that Adorno employs in his appraisal of the television medium in his chapter, “How to Look at Television.” Be sure to provide specific and concrete examples in your analysis.

Film terms, Movie essay, The apartment 1960

hree major steps in writing the paper: 1. The Apartment, and assemble a good set of materials. Think about what we’ve read in Anatomy of Film in terms of breaking a film into techniques. “Direction” blankets many of the following: -cinematography (composition, framing, camera movement, lighting) -editing (order, transitions, tone, rhythm, sound, music) -use of effects -performance -theme 2. Develop a thesis. Try using the question/answer technique since most theories (theses) are derived from a perceived “problem” as evidenced by a question. This technique also helps if you have trouble writing a thesis from scratch. Simply ask a question (about an element/technique in the film), and then answer it. You’ve just written a rough draft thesis (the answer). However, remember that questions aren’t thesis “statements” and the quality of the thesis is heavily dependent on the type and quality of the question. Be sure to ask a question that reflects some element (technique) of the film and its impact and make sure it invites YOU to offer an idea/theory about it. 1. List a few questions about the film (influenced by something observed from the categories listed in section 1). 2. Narrow down to your best question and then answer it. The answer should come from you (this is YOUR theory) and this is your thesis. 3. Write the paper. 1. Introduction. First, give a brief summary (couple of sentences) of the film (you may introduce the director and/or major actors/actresses as well). Next, you need to move your discussion to the issue or technique that was part of your question from section 2 (however, you do not have to include your question). In other words, if your question was about the use of music, then you need to introduce this idea to the reader. Lastly, state your thesis (last line of the introduction). By including all the elements above in your introduction, you contextualize your thesis so that the reader is well acquainted with the film you’ve chosen, the issue/technique you’re focusing on, and then what you have to say about it—i.e. your “take” (thesis). 2. Body paragraphs. Select specific material (scenes, actions, dialogue) from the film to support your thesis. Discuss and explicate fully. In other words, show how these examples from the film illustrate your theory. 2.5 full pgs. (minimum), typed, double spaced *pre writing elements are not included in the final assignment (that includes leftover questions). *do not use outside sources for your paper (articles, websites, etc.). Any source use will be considered plagiarism Cited or not

Animals in Suits by Timur Raad

Animals in Suits discusses the relationship between consumption and work, and consumption and freedom. Using examples from the novel, elaborate on these relationships. What is consumption, how does the novel define it? What is Jake’s relationship to consumption, to freedom, and to work?

“The Crisis of American Consumerism” by Amitai Etzioni is the main article I’m focusing on.I am agreeing with the article and have to provide why. the other two sources are the ones I’m using. the files I am uploading on here, are the the info for the ess

“The Crisis of American Consumerism” by Amitai Etzioni is the main article I’m focusing on.I am agreeing with the article and have to provide why. the other two sources are the ones I’m using. the files I am uploading on here, are the the info for the essay. PAPER 2 RUBRIC I need to meet all the MEETS PROFICIENCY.