Workplace Diversity : Human Resource Development

The study about the significance of Workplace diversity is not only beneficial to organizations but also individuals. For organizations and individuals to be successful in the ever-evolving world, there is an urgent need to understand and appreciate diversity, especially at workplaces. Notably, the workplace is becoming more diverse than ever before. This is due to the influence of worldwide economic integration, otherwise referred to as globalization (Inegbedion et al., 2020).

As a result, people are at a higher chance of interacting with individuals from diverse cultures. The condition implies that for a business person or an organization to be successful, they must have sufficient knowledge and skills to operate in a diverse environment. For instance, through the study, one may appreciate practicing cultural competence and tolerating divergent cultural values and practices. Therefore, individuals and organizations must take part in such type of study since it will create a conducive environment for businesses to prosper in the globalized business environment by ensuring that they develop the human resources accordingly.

Workplace Diversity Instructions

1. For the study’s objectives to be met accordingly, it will be crucial to ensure that a timeline has been adhered to. In total, the project should be completed after eight weeks, which is equivalent to one month. The first two weeks will be for collecting the relevant materials and information, such as secondary information sources on the workplace diversity. In particular, if primary sources of information such as interviewing, administration of questionnaires, and surveys will be used.  The first two weeks will be to seek their consent and inform them on what they should do.


Data Collection

The next step will involve collecting data from the collected materials, and this should take exactly one week. After that, data analysis will follow accordingly for one week. Eventually, a report will be drafted and reviewed accordingly for two weeks. It will later be hand over to the relevant individuals or organizations to implement the recommendations as much as possible.

2. The study will be conducted in eight weeks to discover the significance of embracing diversity in human resource development. People should learn to work in a diverse working environment, which can be achieved through human resource development. However, before human resource development, it is crucial to understand the possible impacts of embracing diversity at workplaces. Diversity may act favor or discourage an organization and individual. The recommendations obtained may be useful to organizations and individuals since it will enable them to prepare accordingly. Therefore, it is important to ensure implementation of issues from the study to develop the human resource in readiness to respond to any challenge resulting from workplace diversity.

Additional Files

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