Women’s Access to Birth Control and Contraceptives

Having access to birth control and other resources for family planning is something all women should have. According to the Office on Women’s Health, 70% of women have unintended pregnancies, so having the resources and options to prevent or terminate a pregnancy is essential. For years women have had to fight for fundamental human rights and freedom to do things like work or even own a home. Not having the right to decide what happens to your body is unfair, but mostly the mental and physical health of being pregnant can take a toll.

Growing up, the only form of birth control available was abstinence; I was never taught about the different forms of contraceptives. Religion has always been a part of my life and has been why I was not given the option to get birth control. Religion should not be a reason why women do not get the proper recourses and education. According to HuffPost, having contraception options available helps boost the economy and allows women to take care of themselves.

HuffPost states that 77% of women reported that using birth control allowed them to take care of their families. It also allowed them the opportunity to support themselves financially. The reason is because they practiced safe sex or using contraceptives. This allows them to find jobs or continue their education. When fewer people can support themselves and not rely on the government, it will cost less as a whole for the country. HuffPost states that the government has saved around 13.6 billion dollars because of reduced health care costs.



Abortions are not the only form of birth control. I believe abortions should not be used as a regular form of birth control. However, it should be an option that women can choose from as needed. Providing women with options is good for the economy and physically healthy for women. If the mother can not physically carry a baby, or if she does, it may be life-threatening; she should be free to choose to terminate the pregnancy. Even if the mother is not ready to be a mother, she should experience care to help guide her to the best option. Limiting women’s choices to contraceptives and family planning can be harmful overall.

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