Women in a workplace: Issues of working mothers

Women in a workplace  experience many issues for example, issues of Working Mothers. Read an article regarding the status of wages for women currently in the United States. For example, Work demands rising for women in a workplace, but not pay. Blog Established in 2006, MomsRising and its members are organizing and speaking out to improve public policy and to change the national dialogue on issues that are critically important to women and families. 

Payment  gap issue; women in a workplace

What is your belief for the difference in pay for women compared to their male counterparts? At the end of the article are women essentially to blame for their own inability to achieve equal pay; what macro-level of discrimination is preventing women from gaining pay equality? Have women not fought for such equality before? Do you or do you not, think this article is biased in any way? ▪ Interview a woman who has worked as a professional for at least ten years. (If you have been working professionally for ten years and are a woman you may reflect on these questions yourself). ▪ Ask the woman her reaction to the gap in pay between women and men; and see if she can agree with this statement. ▪ Ask the woman if she has ever felt discriminated in the workforce.

Gender equality: women in workplace

Ask what changes has she seen in her career regarding gender equality. Has she seen more or less inequality? ▪ If the woman is or was a mother during her career, ask her to reflect on the challenges she met with parenting and working. Ask the woman how her professional life differs from her mother’s professional life. ▪ Conclude your response by discussing your point of view concerning women pay in the United States and what policies, if any, you might recommend addressing the pay inequality described in the article.

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