Theoretical Perspective and Literature Review

The theoretical perspective (sometimes referred to as the theoretical framework or foundation) can be located in the discipline-based literature. We identify the theory when the student identifies the problem statement and reviews the discipline-based literature for the background and significance of the problem. After examining recent studies that have addressed the problem, one overarching theory should be identified.

Use the following script to write out the theoretical perspective

The problem of ___ (problem) is grounded in the ___ (theory and name). This theory was originally developed by ___ (name and year) and it’s primary use in the study of ___ (identify topics showing the application of this theory including sources). The theory of ___ (theory name) indicates that ___ (discuss premise and propositions of theory in several sentences).

Literature Review

A thematic or study-by-study literature review provides a detailed summary of each study as indicated by the major theme represented in the literature map. The presentation of each study is in a manner that leads the reader to the next study using transitional techniques. Review the examples and descriptions of study-by-study reviews provided in the chapter titled Reviewing the Literature.
Identify a minimum of 10 peer-review research articles derived from primary sources. Use only Primary sources and do not use Secondary sources

For this assignment, the student should (a) construct a literature map, (b) identify a theoretical perspective, and (c) write a study-by-study literature review. The following guidelines, along with a review of the chapter titled Reviewing the Literature and the library training, will assist in the completion of this assignment.

Use the following guiding points to assist in the presentation of each study:

  • ┬áInclude the studies under headings that correspond to the topics from your literature map
  • Additionally, provide a description of the study including the purpose statement
  • Explain both the design and approach to collect the data
  • Provide a brief summary of the results
  • Lastly, include transitional statements linking one study to the next

Additional Files

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