Terrorism and political violence 2022 Best

Terrorism and political violence

For this assignment we will focus on terrorism and political violence. This essay will examine the differences and similarities between terrorism and other forms of political violence paragraph

Terrorism and political violence

What is “terrorism”, and what makes it distinct from other forms of political violence?
Introduction – define – quote social theorists/theories – define political violence – similarities between terrorism and political violence – this essay will examine the differences and similarities between terror and other forms of violence paragraph 1: what is terrorism – define terrorism – explain why it is hard to define terrorism – use social theories such as social contructivists, scholars, etc to explain – explain types of terrorism such as new terrorism paragraph 2: terrorism – religious motivation – terrorist groups with religious objectives/ideologies – examples: al qaeda, isis.

Terrorism and political violence

Explain how religious terrorism is not mainly centralised in islam, other religious groups such as… – other factors such as poverty can lead to religious terrorism, e.g mohammed atta leader of 9/11 grew up in poverty paragraph 3: link to paragraph 2 – however political violence objectives are… – explain political violence objectives and how they can differ from terrorism – fascist ideology and groups such as nazis (germany), fascists (italy), anti semitism, kkk – give examples of political violence over the years paragraph

Terror and political violence

4: similiarities in religious terrorism and political violence – similarities in religious terrorism and political violence – explain the ira history and its objectives, similarities with political violence and terrorism – the reasons for their violence conclusion: terrorism and political violence are both… However… Therefore. The essay does not need to follow this format, however this is a guideline on some of the things the say should include. Please use scholars, books, articles as references. https://youtu.be/Sio9kNnDXwc

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