Strategic Case study

Create a strategic case study based on a current event. Scan and select an article published in English in a quality newspaper during the past three months.  It can be from anywhere in the world but you must be able to identify the story as connecting to a clear, external strategic force (It could be characterised as one or more PESTLE factor). Use this as the starting point for a strategic analysis of that identified environment, viewed as from the perspective of any selected and relevant organisation (the organisation does not need to appear in the story). 
Create your case study by viewing this environment as a real life business scenario.  Analyse the strategic forces identified. What are the strategic implications of what is being reported in the article? What is the wider context in terms of trends, drivers and prevalent discourse?  What are the industry/firm level considerations? What are the opportunities and threats it presents?
Having evaluated the environment, identify the key strategic decisions that need to be taken within teams and consider how they should be made and communicated to achieve optimal performance. 

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