Project Management: Leadership and Quality

Project management is a duty that requires the individuals tasked with it to employ effective leadership skills and traits to ensure overall success of the project in benefitting both the project teams and the particular business organizations.


Project Leadership


Regardless of the project team’s composition, the key objective of the project has to be achieved. Therefore, as a project leader team player skills and traits are mandatory and necessary. Being a team player means that the leader should not apply an authoritative approach but a team-building and transformational leadership style (Kissi, Dainty and Tuuli 2013).

The style ensures that the leader acts as a project team member and participates in all processes regarding the tea while motivating each individual to play their specific role to ensure the overall success of the project. The traits from leaders guarantee effective project management that result to the success of the project alongside benefitting both the project team and the particular organization.

Task Instructions


Review the following:

Project Quality Management (Rose) Chapters 5-6 . The Handbook of Program Management (Brown) Chapters 4-5.  This is NOT an essay…just a discussion writing that answers these 4 questions.

What do you see as key points in the role of the leader in quality project management?

Include a brief discussion of the evolution of the leadership role over time (Rose). Also include the role of the leader in establishing culture.

Discuss the role of the Execution Plan in project management.

What is the value in planning? Discuss project management process and the value of monitoring project status (Brown, Ch5) as a quality tool.

Describe an example from your experience where one or all of these elements (defined leadership role, execution plan, and monitoring) were either in place or missing from a project.

Describe (briefly) the situation, the in-place or missing elements, and then discuss the overall impact on the project quality.

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