Persistence of Gender Inequality – 2022 Best

Persistence of Gender Inequality

This assignment involves carrying out a critical evaluation of  ‘‘ Exploring the Persistence of Gender Inequality through Women’s Career Histories’’ article. Maximum word limit is 1800 words

Persistence of Gender Inequality

Examination Q & A.  Paper details Now that you have read the article ‘‘‘You Just Had to Get on with It’: Exploring the Persistence of Gender Inequality through Women’s Career Histories’’ (see Appendix 1), answer the following questions. 1. You will be providing a critical evaluation of the introduction and literature review sections of the article. You should address the following questions in your critique.. Firstly, does the discussion provide a clear rationale for the study and engage widely and critically with other research in the field?

Justify your answer by providing examples from the article. Secondly, a well-written literature review is expected to locate the review in a methodological position. Can you determine the philosophical position followed by this study just by looking at the literature review section?

Persistence of Gender Inequality

In addition, justify your answer by giving examples from the article. (Maximum word limit: 1800 words) (40 marks) 2. Back to the problem statement of this paper, can you envision how the research would be articulated if the paradigm were to change to a different one (of your choice)? (Maximum word limit: 900 words) (20 marks). 3, If this article were to be a thesis, would the ethical discussion provided be satisfactory?

Also, are there any other elements/implications which should have been considered by the researchers? (Maximum word limit: 900 words) (20 marks) 4. Present and support your own point of view in response to the following statement: ‘Qualitative and quantitative researchers have different epistemological assumptions.’ (Maximum word limit: 900 words) (Total 20 marks)

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