Organizational Behavior: Business Improvement

Organizational behavior proposes that incentives are motivational factors that are crucial for employees to perform well. Organizational behavior changes the way people make decisions. Businesses that are able to encourage risks in decision-making within the company culture can enhance innovation and creativity.


Business Case Scenario

You work as a Client Manager for a business improvement consultancy that has been asked to help a big national or global organization from a highly competitive sector.  Staff development and involvement within the process is poor.  The nature of this business is highly competitive and is therefore quite demanding for meeting the targets.   Some key staff has left recently which has further enhanced the pressurized environment.

Exit interviews suggest that one of the reasons for this is because of the power culture from two very forceful and smart founders of the company. Additionally, their autocratic leadership style and approach to management. Some of the staff have also gone to other rival competitive companies. Where the culture is more relaxed culture and management style. This is a threat to the future success of the chosen organization.

Senior management recognized they cannot allow staff to leave in such a number (15% annual turnover).  Action is required to inform the Senior Management and to help them understand the nature of organizational structure & culture and leadership & management and identify their role in business success.

Task Instructions

You need to prepare a formal report which discusses and analyses the organizational cultures and motivational theories. Identify which ones exist in your organization. Evaluate the impact of existing culture on the behaviors of the employees within your organization. How does this affect the performance of employees/organizations?
You also need to critically evaluate how the culture, politics and power of an organization influence individual and team behavior and performance of the overall organization.

Your report should also critically evaluate how organizations can use motivational theories and techniques to have a positive impact on the behavior of employees and to turn around the performance of the organization.

At the end of your report, you must include a conclusion and justified recommendations. It must enable teams and organizations to succeed.

You are to carry out considerable research on any of the chosen organizations. You will need to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of individual and group behavior in organizations. Additionally, demonstrate how to examine current theories and their application in managing behavior in the workplace.

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