New Business era- Case study analysis

In the wake of new business era, Smart Solutions promotes its new smart devices for employees to optimize their work. Smart Solutions provides a number of smart devises installed in the office and worn by the employee that enable employees to record their interactions, measure their blood pressure, track the eye movement and the speed of their keyboard entries among other things. The genius software shows each employee how much they listened and have spoken in meetings and conversations, their movements in the office, dedication and enthusiasm at work. Smart Solutions says that its devises give employees valuable feedback about their work routines that can improve and optimize the daily work.


possible impact(s) of the device from Smart Solutions on employee productivity

The design and management of workplaces correlates positively with productivity, creativity and engagement of those who work in them. Use of smart devices in workplaces can impact employees positively or negatively depending on the culture and attitude of the employees.


The effect of workplace satisfaction on employee engagement

Many research show that the stronger the digital culture of a company is, the lower the percentage of employees who feel unsatisfied or unproductive. Further ,it contributes to lack of innovativeness in this new business era. Moreover, employees who are most happy with their workplace  environment are also the most engaged. These are employees who come to work energized, ready to come up with new ideas, create new strategies and make meaningful progress each day.

Popular smart office features

Among employees in this new business era, the most preferred smart solutions office features are self-adjusting, lighting and window shades. Also, they prefer personalized heat and light settings that follow you around the building. Additionally, circadian lighting systems that mimic natural daylight and heating or lighting systems that adjust automatically according to weather and occupancy. Managers, however, are rather keen on having an app for booking desks and meeting rooms. Managers   Meeting rooms where screens work seamlessly with personal devices and room sensors that track usage for efficiency monitoring.

Intelligent workplaces

The future of smart offices is a broader vision of smart interactions of devices and intelligent building management systems. So, it seems it is already high time to design the progressive smart office for your business if you still do not have it in this new business era. However, humans will still be at the center of work, even as intelligent software and machines become our co-workers. It should be noted, unhealthy use of workplace smart solution devices can do more than compromise productivity. It can also impair workers’ physical and mental well-being.


Pros and cons of the devices for employees using theoretical framework(s) related to employment relations.

Zero cost for inclusion.

Virtual meetings offer organizations many advantages in this new business era. This includes cost savings, knowledge transfer, and team culture-building. Additionally, employees  benefit from less travel and more telecommuting opportunities. However, the more ease with which people can be invited to and accept these meetings can translate into a disadvantage. Meeting organizers often choose to err on the side of inclusion, minimizing the risk of leaving someone out. The all-too-common net result is a day packed with back-to-back meetings, during which much is said, less retained, and even less achieved. This results in either less time to complete actual tasks at hand, or multitasking, which can diminish the quality of the meetings and the overall engagement.

Bottomless bowls

Smart devices that remove natural stopping points in this new business era, keeps the user in a state of productive inaction. This mind-set often plays a productive role in our work life, enabling us to get into the groove and accomplishing tasks efficiently. Although, when we engage ourselves in an inconsequential task, there can also be unproductive flows.

Smart screens and slot machines

It is hard to resist checking buzzing notifications of devices at the workplace in this new business era. It could be an email  or a team message about a testing success. We’re compelled to check, and technology designers intentionally. They know altering the timing between rewards for particular tasks is highly effective and  addictive. In this sense, our devices are metaphorical slot machines, incentivizing us to continue coming back for the big payoff.

Poor sleep

In this new business era, addiction to smart devices and the always on work culture are contributing to a societal lack of sleep. The wakefulness that accompanies engaging in work means we’re less tired during the day. Furthermore, exposure to blue screen light emitted by mobile devices simultaneously reduces the melatonin required for good sleep. This self-reinforcing loop makes the seven to nine hour sleep cycle impossible.

Physical disconnection

Smart solutions are also having an even more profound negative effect on social well-being. Smart devices enable us to engage in relationships across distances and time zones. However, this sometimes comes at the expense of good old-fashioned face-to-face relationships. With devices always demanding our attention in this new business era, close people are often neglected altering our entire social structure. Our connection to social media too can become strong enough to mimic the rewarding sensation caused by cocaine.

Anxiety and depression

Information overload is potentially mentally damaging in this new business era. We live with a finite amount of time and  limitless information and choices. This often result in a phenomenon called fear of missing out. With phones and computers constantly alerting us of all the opportunities available, becoming double-booked is not infrequent. This therefore, lead to anxiety when the user needs to skip one meeting in favor of another. Viewing others’ social profiles can also affect our mood. We see sites filled with users only emphasizing the positives, showcasing glamorous vacations.

Recommendations to the HR manager

Use of smart solution devices can be very advantageous to an organization as explained above. However, use of the same devices can have serious drawbacks to an organization as it can impact employees negatively depending on the culture and attitude towards the new changes. Use of the smart solution devices may also require training and incurring of extra expenses to purchase devices.


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