Muslim World League: Institutional Norms

Muslim World League is a good example of religious institutional branch, and a history would not only help set up my project but give me plenty to write about at the start.  As it is based on a religion that bases all of its founding in the past.

So of course, the Muslim World League origins and starting points is important. What is even more important after is to talk about the progression of ideas and changing of institutional norms to transform the MWL into a more progressive movement; to be less Conservative and more connective with the world outside of Islam and within.

The MWL has modern goals of being a connective force to show the more modern side of its members and states and by association.

This is common of many institutions that have had to change with the times. Therefore, it is a positive story that doesn’t have to be insulting or insensitive to its history or its founders.

You can do it for any religious or institutional movement. Most of the time, their original norms and practices would be seen as antiquated now. However, if they are successful now it is most likely because they have changed with the times

Try and go with it. To me, the MWL can be seen as something that, whilst not perfect (include relevant examples of behaviour that has failed to meet its goals) is inspiring in attempting to form lines of communication with the world both outside and in of Islam. It is trying to be a progressive force of hope despite the political tension surrounding religion. Its nature as a dubious NGO is problematic, but what is important is to observe the behaviour.

Please consider while writing this paper. I am a Muslim and from Saudi Arabia. So please be careful in how you write the paper

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