Human Resource Management- Management Practices

IntBon Tours is a local organization in your country that is setting up its first international branch office in France. Therefore, International human resource management comes into play. To increase the diversity in the workforce for the overseas branch, the management is planning to send some (at least four) of the existing managers who have opted to work abroad. At the same time, none of the managers speak French or are familiar with operating a branch overseas. There will also be cross-cultural employee relations problems and organizational issues to be worked out between the local and the French offices.

You are a team member of the consulting group which has also been hired to advise them on how to proceed with the plan. Critically assess the effectiveness of current practices in Human resource management that may differ between the countries and explain further how to make appropriate changes in the international Human Resource Management Strategies in the organization’s corporate plan.


Instructions for the Human Resource Management Report:

Your report (not exceeding 3500 words)should incorporate the following:
(a) Executive Summary (5%)
A summary of the entire report.
(b) Introduction (10%)
Briefly introduce the company as well as the current scenario related to International Human Resource situations and practices.
(c) Main Body (65%)

The study aims to identify the level of effectiveness in Human Resource Management (HRM) and its impact on employees
Identify suitable theories and models in International Human Resource Management when undertaking this assignment and organize your report under appropriate main and subheadings addressing the following areas:
1) Selection Process in human resource
2) Compensation Plan
3) Training Process
(d) Recommendation and Conclusions to the management(20%)
Based on your research and findings, draw the appropriate conclusions on the suitability of the recommendations.

(e) Citations and References
Harvard-style reference system with in-text and end text referencing list.
Have a minimum of 8 references. (excluded in word count)

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