Hotel management: strategy for hotel companies.

Choose one of the following essay questions about hotel management. Ensure that their arguments are informed by theory, evidence, academic research, and market analyses. For example argument about strategy for hotel companies.

Strategy suitable for international hotel companies and management

Through analyzing  select few definitions (at least 4), create a new definition of strategy suitable for international hotel companies. Critically reflect on the relevance of strategic thinking for global hotel businesses in the current climate. Moreover, Support your discussions with examples from the hotel sector.

Role of competitive benchmarking in hotel management

Evaluate the role of competitive benchmarking in improving the strategic performance of hotel companies. In particular, critically assess ways in which technology can assist in the benchmarking process. Use examples to support your arguments.

Balanced Scorecard Framework for a hotel organization

Prepare a Balanced Scorecard Framework for a hotel organization that you are familiar with. Suggest indicators within each perspective. Additionally, provide reasons for your selections of the indicators. As a result, highlight and evaluate the important indicators that this hotel organization should focus on to ensure that their development goals of the next 5-10 years are met.

Types of strategy in the Price/Quality matrix of hotel management

Using two different hotel organizations that you are familiar with, assess two types of strategy in the Price/Quality matrix that the two organizations use. Consequently, analyze the challenges involved in each type of strategy.  Further, critically discuss the Price/Quality matrix in the current environment and evaluate how the two organizations should adapt with the change.

Business entry modes for hotel organizations

Using ACCOR or Marriott as a hotel organization, critically evaluate the different business entry modes (market penetration) this organization has chosen and why. When doing so further analyze why global hotel companies have shifted their business model towards an ‘asset light strategy’. In addition, discuss the reasons for this trend using specific examples of hotel companies and underpin your answer with relevant theory.

Significance of organizational leadership and strategic positioning for a hotel organization

Critically analyze the significance of organizational leadership and strategic positioning for a hotel organization of your choice. Carefully consider the impact of the extraordinary challenges of the external environment in managing hotel organizations successfully. Support your arguments with evidence from relevant industry and theoretical concepts

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