Health Policy Case studies: Health & Social care

Your task is to write a health policy case study. You must choose ONE of Walt and Gilson’s (1994 in Buse et al, 2005, page 11-13) context factors (situational, structural, cultural or international/exogenous factors) and complete a country case study of its impact on a health policy issue.

Your essay should include the following:

Introduction with signposting (200)

Identify your geographical location with relevant demographic detail (200)

Describe both the social and political context of a country, including important historical events (300)

Identify your health issue and present relevant epidemiological data and statistics (300)

Point out and describe a related health policy e.g. reduce infant mortality, reduce obesity prevalence, breast cancer screening (300)

Identify the specific factor (situational, structural, cultural or international/exogenous factors). Additionally, discuss how it enables or limits/influences the policy or the policy implementation, applying theory as taught in the module (1000)

Conclusion (200)


  • You can choose any Health issue you want
  • Base your essay on a health policy from in the UK. Further, ensure you access to sufficient data and literature for your assignment to be successful
  • Word counts on each section are only an approximate guidance
  • Your essay must be written adhering to the standards for academic assignments, including adherence to Harvard referencing and references list (at least 5 sources), appropriate use of citations, and appropriate academic language.
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