Health Care Assistants: Telephonic Application

The telephonic application seeks to improve people’s ability to self-manage their health and wellbeing, alert health care assistants to changes in their condition, and support medication adherence. For Health care assistants, it can help deliver safer, more efficient, and cost-effective care.
This project seeks to show the importance of the innovation of telephonic applications.

Understanding Innovation for Health Care Assistants

a)      Introduction: settings scene and what will be next.
b)     Background: justification and rationale, Problem behind the scenes, why it’s this innovation is important, the problem facing by HCA in caring PU patients, pressure ulcer problem mainly in the UK and other countries, cost, what NMC,NICE , Public health England aspects other National bodies includes helping in regards PU care for patients and Health care assistants, community care as well as carer problems, patient and (HCA) carer needs. etc)
(C)Literature review: Undertaking as well as constructing a literature review (What research/evidence is out there to justify/support/rationale behind innovation/underpin your project proposal)?
d)Search strategy
e)Lastly, a conclusion (includes summary/approach/ discussion/ how this problem can be change by innovation).

Proposal for innovation for Health Care Assistants


Focus on a practice issue of professional interest within your own specific field of nursing that also has the potential to lead to new ways of improving practice. Must be for the benefit of either Health care assistants, groups or the whole service. Further, explore your Project Proposal in an innovative and imaginative way.

1.Identify a need for an innovation
2.Search for evidence that supports your idea.
a) that there is a need for innovation

b)that your idea for meeting the need (the innovation) will work for the health care assistants.

3.Formulate some aims and objectives for:

a) the innovation

b) a literature search to support the need for innovation and to also evidence the methods of innovation you intend to use.

4. Conduct a systematic literature review

5. Additionally, search the literature and read about methods of innovation, change, and change management. Finally, decide which theoretical positions can inform or support your innovation plan

Additional Files

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