Gender diversity in accounting firm in UK

Description Only the Methodology section is required – Here is a breakdown of what is required in each subsection. Please look at the sample attached all subsections are included for reference. Please also look at my dissertation so far for context and clarity for smooth transition.
Structure: Introduction – Introduce the purpose of the chapter. Research philosophy – Please see the sample I have attached. Research approach – deductive v inductive, quantitative and qualitative (define, make summarised/generic comparison/advantages and disadvantages). I am doing interviews as a form of data collection which is – (inductive and qualitative).
Research methods – summary of some of the key methods available to a researcher and justification of which of those I have chose and why – questionnaires, surveys, interviews (chosen method – video and audio call interviews), focus groups etc. Highlight positives and limitations of all – summarised.
 Sampling and participation – define. My chosen sampling method – senior female managers with UK accounting firms. Discuss probability and non-probability sampling. I am choosing non-probability sampling as I am choosing participants based on organisational position and possible experiences.
Data analysis – define, data analysis techniques used (qualitative, transcribing, separating into possible categories and themes – links to thematic analysis (mention this). Narrative analysis, content analysis.
Ethics – advantages and disadvantages of human participants, ethical issues of human participants – privacy, informed consent (which is required for my method of data collection), confidentiality, anonymity, participation rights, safety of subject and researcher. credibility and validity – external and internal.

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