Epidural anaesthetic

 This assignment requires to describe the standard equipment and material set up for an adult patient on a morning operating list who has a change of anaesthetic plan at short notice. This change of plan requires an additional regional procedure to be performed for pain relief. The essay should explain the importance of adequate preparation of the clinical area with rationale, and the potential risk that can arise when anaesthetic plans are changed. There should therefore be a specific focus on patient safety.
Introduction (~250 words only) The introduction should state exactly what the assignment will be discussing and its relevance to operating department practitioners. Therefore provide a brief outline of what you will be discussing and why. Anaesthetic machine check (~700 words only ) Describe an account of the anaesthetic machine check, with a clear explanation of how the checks are performed and why they are important. You need to demonstrate that you understand the purpose of the checks and have not just copied a list of checks into the essay. Preparation for a general anaesthetic with endotracheal Intubation (~700 words only) This will include preparation of all the necessary equipment and materials for a general anaesthetic and intubation of an adult patient. This will include how to set-up the circuit with appropriate equipment prior to a general anaesthetic with rationale. It should also provide a comprehensive account of all the airway equipment 2/21/2021 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing https://www.writershub.org/writer/orders/708989#instructions 4/5 that should be prepared or on stand-by on your intubation trolley with rationale, including sizes where appropriate), and purpose of the equipment. Preparation of materials and equipment for IV cannulation and intravenous fluid therapy (~400 words only) Once again it is important that you include the rationale for the stated preparations. Preparation of equipment and materials for (~650 words only) An epidural anaesthetic: Discussion and Conclusion (~300 words only) This section should provide an overall summary of the role of the anaesthetic practitioner in setting up materials and equipment prior to the start of the operating list, including the dangers of rushing equipment checks and preparation and making last minute changes to planned anaesthetic care. This may include a discussion about the importance of good communication between members of the team in order to confirm the correct materials are available and ready to use for all intended p

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