Economic Inequality In The United States

Economic inequality in the United States is reported to be increasingly unequal when compared to income distribution. For instance, one of the justifications is that disparities in income can increase to widen the gap in wealth (Pew Research Center, 2021). Moreover, in different occasions the United States has embraced redistribution models aimed at promoting shared economic prosperity for all; moreover, redistribution has been considered as a model where income is generated from the higher incomes and availing income to the cohort with lower incomes (Amedeo and Berry-Johnson, 2021).

Thus, in the US there exist programs funded through the federal income tax. Which constitutes a progressive tax system where the rich are subject to pay a higher rate in terms of income taxes when compared to the poor. Further research indicates that for over a decade i.e. since the Great Recession in 2008, the economy of the U.S. has been stable in several fronts (Amedeo and Berry-Johnson, 2021).

For instance, the fact that the labour market sought to create more jobs as witnessed in the rising household incomes. However, not all the economic development indicators have been promising. Notably, household incomes have just had a modest performance in terms of growth including that household wealth unsuccessfully rebound to its pre-recessional level.

Therefore, not all the cases of economic indicators in the region prove to have been promising. Gaps in household income in the U.S. have been widening in a modest way. Since the Great Recession while household wealth has had no return to the pre-recessional level. More eveident of economic inequality.




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