Digital Marketing

Researchers at Heriot-Watt have been working with Indian Craft entrepreneurs, in a project called CLICC. This is on a bid to identify ways of generating digital income. The digital income will counter the loss of income from cultural tourism because of lock-down. The most appropriate solution is to produce films that relate to craft and also provide a (temporary or permanent) alternative to cultural tourism and are more respectful to crafts than films that teach craft-making skills to amateurs.

Digital Marketing Design

You have been asked to design a social media content plan that promotes these films to an appropriate target audience. You will need to select the film pricing model that will be promoted. Howerver, you are not being designing a distribution plan. The researchers are keen to learn how digital marketing theory can help them gain online interaction and to start with they want your ideas for promotion on one social media channel only.

You are to locate and read at least 10 academic journal articles. This is in addition to accessing practitioner reports and a range of social media pages and websites.  Make sure all references are on the list in the reference section using Harvard referencing.

This is a final year piece of work, please complete it accordingly.

Lastly, please follow the report format and mark allocation/criteria closely

Additional Files

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