Covid-19 pandemic: Consumer Behavior

Covid-19 pandemic has changed airline consumer behavior. The recovery rate to flights might never be the same again after the covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Government made many changes to protect people from the covid-19 pandemic. These changes considerably changed consumer behavior; for instance, the number of passengers boarding a flight was reduced by half to minimize overcrowding, which is a significant cause of the virus’s spread. These measures forced people to minimize meetings replacing them with video conferencing. The consumer behavior during the covid-19 pandemic might not change even when the lockdowns and restrictions are uplifted. The airline services may not fully recover because some of the changes may become permanent. The cautions businesspeople may still prefer video conferencing way of handling their meetings instead of taking long flights.

Operational costs

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the air transport finances. Covid-19 pandemic has put the world economy down, including airline services (Amare et al., 2020). Governments have reinforced restrictions and lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus which have brought the airline services down. Unprecedented disaster in a few days had resulted in many flights’ cancellation, closedown f airports, and loss of jobs. Additionally, many airlines became bankrupt because of the low demand for their services.  With the imposition of new rules on people’s movement and the closing of many borders, it disrupted flights’ movement. Many airlines were unable to meet their operational cost hence many of them became dysfunctional.

Trade barriers

The covid-19 pandemic have disrupted airline services which have greatly devastated the whole food schemes and laid plain its delicacy. Closing of borders, trade barriers and confinement measures have prevented many farmers and business people who rely on airline services from getting into the market, including for selling and buying the products, and many farmers from harvesting their crops for the case of perishable goods, for example, the flowers hence disrupting the domestic and international market. The covid-19 pandemic has destroyed jobs and placed many incomes at risk.

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