Communication plan: Change management

Having a good communication plan is important for an effective change management. A good communication plan includes all people and ideas needed in managing the change. for example ,stakeholders, employees ,communication channels, interests of the stakeholders and organization as well. In this case the assignment requires you to use the attached case study (Carlin, J., Dean, A., Kern, D., Searcy, R., & Stanley, J. W. (2011). Changing the Game at Cherokee Nation Entertainment. 17(3), 23–40.). Consequently, conduct a critical analysis of information related to change and suggest improvements so that responsible effective management is carried out.

Stakeholders analysis: communication plan

Complete an analysis of the stakeholders in the attached case study, focusing on their attitudes and power.

Resistances and recommendations in the change management

Critically analyze resistances you identified in the case study and also provide recommendations for addressing them.

Preparation of a communication plan

Prepare a communication plan for one aspect of the case study, using the following communication plan template:

Stakeholder Groups

Identify in particular the stakeholders who need to know about the activity or the change.


Background and potential reaction(s). Analyze all the potential reactions expected in course of the change management. Additionally, note how the change will affect the interests of all the relevant parties.

Communication objectives

Specify the key messages to be communicated. The message should be very clear and easy to understand across the recipients. Therefore, communication plan objectives makes it easier in managing the change as well as the time needed to pass the message.

Channels and Activities

Identify the best mode of communication for the message to reach the people effectively. For example, Emails, meetings, messages, letters, media etc.

Stakeholder Owner: communication plan

Identify all the stakeholders responsible in aiding an effective change management. Additionally point out the interest’s of the stakeholders that might be affected by the change.

Timing and/or Frequency

Inform all parties when the communication will take place and also how often meetings will be conducted. Basically have a rigid schedule for communication.








Use APA 7TH EDITION referencing style

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