Codes of Ethics: Australian Computing Society

Codes of Ethics are an agreed set of moral principles adopted by an organization to inform the decisions and govern the actions of its members. It should be noted, an essential characteristic of a profession is the need for its members to abide by a Codes of Ethics. Further, The Society requires its members to subscribe to a set of values and ideals which uphold and advance the honor, dignity and effectiveness of the profession of information technology. Australian Computing Society established this code as the Code of Professional Conduct and also as part of the Society’s Regulations. Moreover, these Regulations apply to any Australian Computing Society member who particularly works in the field of information and communications technology (ICT).

 Australian Computing Society (ACS) Codes of Ethics

The following are the Codes of Profession Conduct set by the Australian Computing Society to govern its computing industry. This entails, in addition to being a good citizen and acting within the law, your conformance to the following Australian Computing Society values.

The Primacy of the Public Interest

“You will place the interests of the public above those of personal, business or sectional interests.”

The Enhancement of Quality of Life

“You will strive to enhance the quality of life of those affected by your work.”


“You will be honest in your representation of skills, knowledge, services and products.”


“You will work competently and diligently for your stakeholders.”

Professional Development:

“You will enhance your own professional development, and that of your colleagues and staff .”


“You will enhance the integrity of the Australian Computing Society and the respect of its members for each other.”

Role of the Codes of Ethics in the ICT industry

This Code of Professional Conduct has relevance to professional standards legislation. Australian Computing society can sue ICT professionals for negligence if they don’t abide by the code. In addition, Expert witness giving an assessment of professional conduct may quote the Code. Besides, Failure to observe the Codes could also lead to disciplinary action by the Australian Computing Society.

Codes of Ethics helps the computing industry to provide quality services to the society. in addition, improve effectiveness and efficiency, and also innovations in the field of ICT.


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