Code of Ethics in Early Childhood Settings

The ECA Code of Ethics is a set of statements about the appropriate and expected behavior of early childhood professionals.
Designed especially for early childhood education and care environments. Based on the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1991). The ECA Code of Ethics reflects current pedagogical research and practice. Providing a framework for reflection about the ethical responsibilities of early childhood professionals who work with or on behalf of children and families in early childhood settings.

Early Childhood Australia recognizes that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have also been nurturing and teaching children on this land for thousands of years. The ECA Code of Ethics acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditional ways of being and caring for children.

This Code is not intended to, and could not possibly provide easy answers, formula, or prescriptive solutions for the complex issues early childhood professionals face in their work.



This assignment hypothetically asks you to give a 3-5 minute presentation to a particular audience at a childcare center. It might be a group of fellow colleagues or other community/education stakeholders.

You are to utilize the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics. Demonstrate an understanding of some core principles and responsibilities of early childhood teachers. In this assignment, you are to video record yourself on any digital device. (e.g. your phone, computer, iPad, tablet, etc.) and discuss the following: Responsibilities of early childhood teachers.  Drawing on the Early Childhood Australia (ECA) Code of Ethics, briefly explain the overall purpose of the document.

Select two core principles and discuss their significance and relevance to EC settings. Additionally, provide a practical example of how one of these two principles could be fostered, developed, and fully embraced by educators; Mention two responsibilities that educators have in order to enact those two selected core principles in relation to children.

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