clinical psychology: prescription(case study)

Class – Intro to Clinical Psychology

Case Study

Your neighbor tells you that his eleven-year-old daughter has been having behavior and academic problems in school. “Her teacher recommended taking her to the pediatrician to get a prescription for Ritalin,” he said.

In a well-thought-out paper integrating information from the attached readings and as many outside resources as needed make an argument for why your neighbor should first have his daughter evaluated by a clinical psychologist. Following ideas should be included clinical psychologists’ role, assessment types, assessment links to diagnosis, assessment links to treatment options.

Discuss the types of assessment tools the psychologist might use in his or her evaluation and how these tools would help in guiding diagnosis and treatment. Make sure to use appropriate sources of information that ground your argument in well-established, empirically sound science and practice.    Properly cite and reference resources, applying APA Style.

This paper should be written as a coherent essay, 3 pages (at least 800 words) formatted in APA Style. You are encouraged to include insights in your recommendations as you address the key issues outlined above.

Structure your paper utilizing APA style (7th Edition); this includes title page, headingsin-text citations, reference page, and general paper format (1-inch margins, double-spaced, Font12 Times Roman).  An abstract is not required.

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