Artificial intelligence: Achieving super-intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is information or data processing in a physical system. Artificial Intelligence must be suppressed because it is gradually evolving to achieving super-intelligence and out of our control. The ideal trait of artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving the set goals.

Advancement of technology in intelligence systems: Artificial intelligence

We will continue to improve our technology, for our benefit, that is, monetary or otherwise. The door has been opened to improve on intelligence systems every year, both physically (actual functioning, human-looking robots) and performance-wise. The possibilities for economic gains are limitless.  The possibilities also for military advantage make improvements and competition is certain.

Intelligent Machines: Artificial intelligence

Once Intelligent Machines become smarter than us, they will begin to self-improve regardless of whether we want them to or allow them to. For example, ALPHAGO and ALPHAZERO are self-teaching and self-improving Go and Chess playing programs.


Super-intelligence systems possess intelligence  that surpasses that of the most brilliant human minds. The technology is nowhere close to achieving super-intelligence. We will be able to prevent bad things from happening. We are now nearly dependent upon computerized systems  including AI(Artificial narrow intelligence, Artificial general intelligence ,Artificial superintelligence) programs. That is, be it for conveniences or necessities. Consequently, in the near future, if the progress of today simply continues, will see our complete dependence on these systems. This means, abrupt stop to these systems due to dangers will be too risky for the structures of our modern societies. Refutation Continued: Once the possibility of super-intelligence is viewed as an actuality, every capable country’s government will prioritize being first specifically to develop their own, and stop others from development. This is not due to the scientific benefits but for the military advantages and risks involved.

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