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An actual ceramic work

For this assignment we will focus on an actual ceramic work. Explore how was the artwork or object made? What kind of clay? Kiln? Firing Temperature? Type of glaze? How did they achieve the surface decoration?

An actual ceramic work – Kiln and Firing Temperature.

Actual Object/Artwork: You will write a research paper on an actual ceramic work. The essay must address “Art”. You are NOT writing a biography of an artist or the history of a culture or object. Research Content. When did the artist, object or culture exist and for how long? How was the artwork or object made? What kind of clay? Kiln? Firing Temperature? Type of glaze? How did they achieve the surface decoration? What kind of technology did the artist or culture have at their disposal?

An actual ceramic work

If you cannot find this information you need to make an educated guess and explain why you think that way. Who made the art objects in the culture? If a single artist, did they have help? How is the object used?  What is significant about the artwork to the culture, person who made it or society who value’s it? What is the meaning behind the artwork?  Explain the imagery that supports the meaning. What was happening socially, politically, territorially etc. during this time? How did these external or internal factors influence the artist/artwork/object/culture?  What use does the object serve in the culture now? Has it changed from its original function?

An actual ceramic work

How does the culture use art objects today?  Did other artist, art movements or education influence the artist?  What is the “artistic style” of the artist, culture or object? What influenced this style? (Society, technology, geography, ancestry, previous art movements, psychology etc). What other ceramic works did the culture or artist make?  Feel free to add additional information about your artwork that you find important or interesting.

An actual ceramic work

If you are not using the exact artwork from the museum as your topic you will have three additional images; the image from the museum and three images of the artwork(s) you write your essay on. An image of the artist or culture is NOT acceptable and should not be included as one of your images. Number each image. Fig. 1, fig 2, fig 3 etc. and label with title, date, artist and material (if possible). Images will be used as reference in your paper. This means you will talk about the image directly.

You will cite the image at the end of the sentence like this (see fig. 1) or you may refer to the image in text by saying something like, “Fig 1 depicts…..” Images must be clear and unpixellated. Images may be inserted into the body of paper or placed after bibliography.

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