African American Male Students – 2022 Best

Challenges of African American Male Students

This is a systematic study of the challenges of African American Male Students face in Higher Education. This paper will be 9 pages ( 9 full pages)

 African American Male Students

Firstly, this paper will be 9 pages ( 9 full pages), which does not include a title page. Secondly, include 10 different scholarly peer-reviewed article references/ in text citation, Please Include a reference page. Thirdly, the paper should follow APA format with a title page, 1” margins, and 12-point font. Ensure proper writing, editing, and proofreading. A well-organized and focused research paper will, at the minimum, include the following elements: 1. Introduction and purpose statement -what exactly will this paper investigate and why? -why is this research important? -why is there a need for this research?

 African American Male Students

2. Synthesis of evidence -a systematic overview of the most recent (or the most relevant) research that relates to the issue  -a logical synthesis (not a summary) of the resources. Logical connections and transitions between all resources -a critical evaluation that can be used to generate findings and implications (what the research agrees or disagrees on, what implications as well as conclusions that can be drawn).

 African American Male Students

3. Conclusion -discussion of the presented evidence -practical implications and recommendations (the “so what” factor, how can the presented evidence be practically applied) -limitations of presented research and recommendations for future research (what are the shortcomings of the presented evidence, how can the research in this domain be advanced)

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