work of art, contemporary Artist – 20th or the 21st century.

For tis assignment we will focus on a work of art of a contemporary artist during the 20th or the 21st century.

Work of art, contemporary Artist – 20th or the 21st century.

A Contemporary Artist Paper details: Choose an artist who was or still is working during the 20th or the 21st century (After 1900). Choose one of their works to write about. Do not use an artwork illustrated in your textbook. Using what you have learned in class in addition to outside research, write a 5 page paper about that work of art. You must include a picture of the work on the cover sheet or at the end of your paper, in addition to a bibliography of works cited. You should use at least 5 different sources that does not include your textbook. Do not plagiarize!!! You should also address the 4 steps of art criticism within your paper. Description – include the artists name, this is where you should give a brief biography and background of the artist.

Work of art, contemporary Artist – 20th or the 21st century.

Title of the work you are going to write about, what style is it (cubism, pop, conceptual…) and what is that style about, subject, is the work abstract, representational or non-representational. (20 points) Media – What media does the artist use? What are the characteristics of that media and the process which was used? How does the media or technique affect the meaning of the work? (10 points) Analysis – What Visual Elements and Principles of Design does the artist emphasize and how? (5 points) Interpretation – What is the Content of the work (What is the meaning of the work?) What is the theme and/or function of the work and why? (10 points) Judgment – What is your informed opinion of the artwork? Why

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