Theories of Aging: Micro and Macro Theories

Theories of Aging attempt to explain the phenomenon of aging as it occurs over the lifespan. Aging successfully entails good physical and cognitive health, as well as ongoing participation in social and productive activity. This study hones in on participation in productive activity, a factor that makes an important contribution to successful aging.

One conceptual model of productive activity in later life specifies the antecedents and consequences of productivity. This study draws on that micro-level model to develop a corresponding macro-level model and assesses its utility for examining the predictors of and explaining the relationships between one form of productivity (labor force participation rates) and one aspect of well-being (average life expectancy) among males and females.

Micro theories focuses on the individual. a Micro-macro theory asks how an individual fits into their immediate society. Macro theory focuses on the largest groups: teens, older population, women etc



Your first paragraph should define and discuss the various micro theories of aging and examples should be given.

Your second paragraph should define and discuss macro theories of aging with examples.

Next,  in your third paragraph, explain the differences between micro and macro theories.

Lastly, in your fourth paragraph, please give your personal reflection and opinion after reading the two most prominent theories of aging. Please don’t try to cover this topic with less than a full written page! Please don’t take up room with long headings. You will need the entire page to complete this essay. Please make sure that you answer the question thoroughly and complete, but keep your essay one page. The document should be single-spaced, with 1 inch margins all around.

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