The use of Virtual Reality to present a Crime Scene and Evidence in a UK Courtroom

1. Is virtual reality useable/practical in a UK courtroom, as the jury is an old fashion bench. How are they going be able to look and move around while they are using the vr system?
2. The old fashion bench can be turned into, individual 360degree rotating seats with some distance between each juror. This will allow the jury to move freely and be comfortable and not struggle while wearing the vr headset. However, to do this vr system has to be wireless, and nowadays its used with cables and wires, so talk about this problem. Also talk about will every courtroom pay to convert its bench to individual rotating seats

Factors to consider

1. Due to the cost implication of Virtual reality is it possible to purchase 12-13 VR systems one for each juror and one for yourself. Or will it only be possible to purchase one-two VR systems.
2. If so, you can introduce the jury one at a time to a separate room out side the courtoom where the VR is set up. That is going to be easier for the jurors to move and look around the crime scene.
3. However talk about how time consuming is it to introduce one juror at a time and show them the crime scene and also explain it to them, while you have 12 jurors in total waiting to view the crime scene.

• When you introduce VR, talk a little bit about its history and how its used. The features of it, the companies that produced it.
• Later on when you are discussing VR, talk about how UK courtrooms do not have the equipment to introduce VR. The courtrooms maybe old.
• talk about when and if VR is used in a courtroom, who will guide the jury when the VR system is strapped on.
• talk about the advantages and disadvantages.
• Follow the aims and objectives, and use the sources given.

Cost of Implementing Virtual reality in Courtrooms

• Have a section about cost of implementing VR in all uk courtrooms. There are 12 jurors, will there be 12 VR systems? If so, the problem with price? Funding? Will there only be 1 or 2 VR systems? If so, time consuming? Jurors have to share? Court hearings will take longer.
• Using VR you will have to move around more. Capacity to move and look around while sat on a old fashioned uk courtroom bench with other 11 people sat next you?

Talk about the wiring of VR, the cables to plug in. Wires everywhere? Are there enough plugs? Is the Uk courtroom built to handle all these plugs? Is there an option to have wireless headsets for VR? Are they available? More expensive if they are? Currently, they are not?  Will you have to have induvial seats that can turn a 360degree capacity? If so, the price?

Will you need to have a room outside the actual courtroom where you’ll implement the VR system? Will jurors have to take turns to go in and strap on the VR system to view the crime scene and evidence found in a crime scene? Time consuming? Cost effect for building that room?
• Talk about sweethome 3D and other applications that can create a 3D world, i.e a crime scene in this case. Maybe that would be another and assisting option.
• Talk about how using VR presenting a crime scene and evidence found in a crime scene might be better for jurors memory as they don’t come from a law/forensic backgrounds. Talk about how VR simplifies everything in laymans terms.
• Do all people handle Virtual reality well? Motion sickness?

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