The power of social media companies.

Description: The power of social media companies

With philosophical angles of one of the reasons, we should favor economic egalitarianism is to prevent certain players from getting too much political power.

It’s not just that we want them to be smaller so as to prevent them from having too much political influence, but perhaps we want the social media companies to be smaller to support pluralism.

The worry about social media companies is that they will stifle disagreements. As a result, this may prevent us from reaping the benefits of disagreements.

How and Why do social media platforms have so much power and influence?

  • Social media as a communication tool to the outside world
  • The behavioral influence of social media
  • Power of these media companies on generating conversations, engagement, and settingĀ  cultural trends
  • Numbers don’t lie; Investments directed towards media companies and the profits involved
  • Lastly, Social media as an increasingly important business tool for the modern businessman

Please include any other philosophical angles that can provide a strong argument. As long as it makes logical sense and applies to the overall topic.

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