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Theatre Review. 2022 Best

Writing a Theatre Review. 

For todays assignment we will focus on writing a Theatre Review. Paper instructions: Find a show to see! A few very important guidelines about what to see: No music concerts, comedy nights, improv or sketch shows, sporting events, haunted mazes

Theatre Review.

Write a 500-750-word review about a play that you have seen since the first day of this course. After reading your Theatre Review, I should have a clear image of both your experience and your opinion about it. The show that you review needs to be a scripted theatrical performance—basically a play, musical, or opera. This assignment must be submitted through Canvas. Please do not email assignments to me. Click here if you need help finding a show: Find a show to see! A few very important guidelines about what to see:

No music concerts, comedy nights, improv or sketch shows, sporting events, haunted mazes, escape rooms, raves, poetry readings, play readings, or anything of the like.

Theatre Review.

If the show you see doesn’t have a script or design, it will be hard to write your review. No circuses, including Cirque du Soleil. No dance shows, even by world famous companies. Please do not use the show “Undatable” to review. You are welcome to go see it. It’s just not enough of a show to use for this assignment. You must be an audience member and have no part in the production of the show, even on a small scale. The more professional the show, the easier it will be to write a review. Also: this must be a live performance where you and the actors are in the same room.

Theatre Review.

If you’re watching a show on your phone, TV, or computer, you’re not doing the assignment right. I know how to use this fancy thing called the internet and can pretty easily find out if the play you’re reviewing is running in Los Angeles. If you try to copy someone else’s review and claim it as your own, it is considered plagiarism. I always find out, as every single professional review is posted online. If you are caught plagiarizing, you’ll receive a zero on the assignment and, at my discretion, an F in the course.

Theatre Review.

You’ll also be reported to Academic Affairs. If you have a question about whether something will be appropriate for this assignment, please ask me. And some guidelines about how to write your Theatre Review: Here’s an example of a professional theatre review, of the recent Los Angeles show, Shelter. Please use this review for reference on what yours should look and sound like. MLA format (if you don’t know what that is, click it), 12 pt font, double-spaced. Compose your review in a word processing app like Pages or Word, then save and post it in Canvas as a PDF.


Theatre Review.

Use the program as a source of research for the show and to discuss the artists by name. You will lose points by saying “The direction was aimless and sloppy,” rather than “Robert Cucuzza’s direction was aimless and sloppy.  Your review should be written in the third person, for instance: Third person sentence: “Mary Smith’s lighting design evokes the great shadow work of film noir.” First person sentence: “I really liked Mary Smith’s lighting design, which evoked the great shadow work of film noir.” Simply typing your thoughts out and sending it to me without re-reading it, proofreading it, or revising it for clarity is sloppy and not college-level work.  https://youtu.be/kUxm1tDhO2g

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