Sustainable development:  Economic development

With the industrial revolution taking place there is urge of the need of sustainable development. That is,  taking into account both the resources present and those of the future. For example, the preservation of the environment and natural resources. These can be done through economic development programs such as  economic and community development, Official development aid etc.

 Economic and community development(ECD)

Define Economic and community development(ECD) and also discuss what recent research has discovered about this topic and its value in economics / lifetime productivity of a workforce. Participatory economic and community development programs are in particular build to match government investments with local needs.

Endogenous growth: sustainable development

Discuss the term endogenous growth and its relationship with tertiary education.  What are the requirements of a nation to support both terms?. Endogenous growth theory holds that economic growth is primarily the result of endogenous and not external forces. Endogenous growth theory also holds that investment in human capital, innovation, and knowledge are significant contributors to economic growth. The theory further focuses on positive externalities of a knowledge-based economy which will lead to economic development.

Official Development Aid (ODA): sustainable development

Official development assistance (ODA) is a  government aid program to promote the economic development and welfare of developing countries. Aid includes grants, soft loans and the provision of technical assistance. Sachs articulates for the sum of $60-90 a person per year to eradicate the spread of numerous diseases  in the developing world (Malaria, AIDs, MMR,…).  Discuss, why official development aid (ODA) is still needed to cover these costs.  How is educational investment related?

Global population growth and food security

How are the rate of global population growth and food security related?  What impacts do current practices of agriculture have on the environment? Describe what role future sustainability efforts must play with regards to this topic.

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