Russian Migration To United States

The first Russians to come to U.S. territory didn’t even have to leave Russia to do so. In the 18th century, Russian explorers traveling east from Siberia discovered Alaska. They claimed it as a possession of their emperor, or czar. The Aleutian island of Kodiak became the first Russian settlement in 1784. Traders and fur hunters founded trading posts throughout the territory. Eventually, Russia’s possessions ranged far down the Pacific coast, reaching all the way to Fort Ross in California, a mere 100 miles north of San Francisco.

More than 15% of Americans today are foreign-born. Comparing with about 5% in 1970, and more than 1 million foreign-born persons have permanent residency in the United States annually. (U.S. Department of Homeland Security 2009; Migration Policy Institute 2007).

These new Russian immigrants had mostly been prominent citizens of the Empir. Aristocrats, professionals, and former imperial officials—and were called “White Russians” because of their opposition to the “red” Soviet state.


Include the following Criteria (as subtitles) in your project Migration experience (except American Indians)



Assimilation experiences Obstacles (prejudice, discrimination, oppression, racism, language, etc.) from the Russian migration

Public policies created to exclude this people group. Public policies created to include/mobilize this people group (if applicable)

Labor roles and contributions research the history of your people group as a whole and include in report Research the history of your people group as a whole and include in the report.

For example, If your ancestors moved to the U.S. from Ireland and settled in an Irish community in Boston, explore the immigrant experience of the Irish in Boston. Parallel any part of your family’s experience with actual events in U.S. History.

For example, if your great-grandmother got her first job while men were fighting in WWII, you can also talk about how historically, women gained employment opportunities that were not previously open to women.

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