Photography : Preserving memories through photos

Photography is important for preserving time and memories.  If it wasn’t for photography a lot of major moments in time and history wouldn’t have been preserved for the future. Photography has changed for the better . Important things such as skills were lost during this process over time In todays era, a digital sensor or film  usually used to create an image.

Storage of photographs

Photography has changed over time in the manner it preserves memories in time. That is, from formal family portraits to photos taken everyday on mobile phones. There is also the change from film photography to digital photography. The first change from film cameras to digital, photographs are a key part to remembering things. In addition, it helps people to keep beautiful and thrilling moments to remember. Further, it has changed from being able to have physical copies in photo albums in mobile devices. Today , preservation is all now kept online, for example, in google drive and on mobile devices gallery.

 Photography advancement

There still exists links to historical photographers and reports about photography.  The transformation of photography from an analog medium relying on chemically developed light-sensitive emulsions to one using digital technologies. The one that  captures image and store began in the late 1980s.That is, with the introduction of the first consumer digital cameras . In 1990 the first version of Adobe Photoshop, a program for adjusting and manipulating digital image files. Conceived as an extension of the conventional darkroom, the program adopted many of the traditional tools of black-and-white film photographs but let photographers go even further. By giving photographers the ability to easily change the structure of an image, and even its contents, it called into question long-held assumptions about photographic documentary “truth value.” To some minds, it changed the very nature of the medium. Photography helps all kinds of people .

Additional Files

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