Revenue Management

Case Study
You have been appointed as a Revenue Management consultant team to the Schloss Hotel on financial and income optimization matters.
The following information has been provided to enable you to address all requirements that appear on the relevant sections of this case study.
Terms and Definitions
Average Daily Rate (ADR) – A measure of the average rate paid for rooms sold, calculated by dividing room revenue by rooms sold.  
Competitive Set (Comp Set) – A peer group of hotels that competes for business and is selected to benchmark the subject property’s performance.
Contract Rooms – A consistent block of rooms committed at stipulated contract rates for an extended period over 30 days with payment guaranteed regardless of use, such as for airline crews and permanent guests.
Demand – The number of rooms sold in a specified time period (excludes complimentary rooms).
Food & Beverage (F&B) Revenue – Revenue derived from the sale of food, beverage and non-consumable goods and services sold by a property’s food and beverage department.
Group Rooms – Typically defined as 10 or more rooms per night, sold pursuant to a signed agreement.
Percent Change (% Chg.) – The amount of growth – positive, negative, or flat – expressed as a percentage comparing a period versus the same period last year. Calculated as ((This Year — Last Year)/Last Year)*100
Transient Rooms – Includes rooms sold to individuals or groups occupying less than 10 rooms per night.
Owners Brief
Welcome to our hotel. The Hotel is in Berlin near the Potsdamer Platz business district.
Competition and Trends Information
A complete set of STR reports have been attached to this case study in order to provide information about our competitive set and regional relevant statistics.

Additional Files

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