Movement of Trains- the control department

This recording, from Global News, contains a transcript of the interaction. Accordingly, the transcript is all about movement of trains. Chief Rail Traffic Controller (CRTC) also known as ‘dispatch’ Department  controls the movement of trains. Again, you may need to listen more than once and take notes. Read the background information and discussion below to help make sense of this interaction.

The transcript

First, carefully to this recording on movement of trains between a Conductor and a Supervisor (AChief Rail Traffic Controller) working for CN Rail and then answer the following questions in 3 or4 paragraphs using concepts taken from the course text.

The Canadian transcontinental passenger train

Importantly, Rail Canada operates the Canadian  transcontinental passenger train with service between Union Station in Toronto, Ontario, and Pacific Central Station in Vancouver, British Columbia. Notably, movement of trains in Canada is temporarily suspended east of Winnipeg due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tactics used by the chief controller

1. What influencing tactics does the Chief Controller monitoring the movement of trains use and what tactics does he not use? Moreover, describe the tactics that are used in your own words and show how the Controller’s words fit with these categories.

Conductor’s beliefs about the controller

2. Using the Power Bases framework derived from work by French and Raven as described in course texts 1.c.5 and 1.c.6, what beliefs does the Conductor appear to have about the Controller? Further, give evidence for your judgements from any reading that explains the movement of trains in Canada.

Influencing tactics used by the controller in the trains

3. What effect, if any. Further, name the influencing tactics used by the Controller. Additionally, discuss the ‘Power Bases’ beliefs of the Conductor concerning the Controller had on the behavior of the Conductor. Give reasons for your judgement.

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